Eyes of an Angel


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Darryl Holmes
Lessons and Love poetry
Aug 13, 2015




As you appeared into view
I wondered how could this be
Beautiful to me they were
Like diamonds sparkling bright

I looked into their depths
Swallowed by the brightness
Passion flowed from them
Like never seen before

They reminded me of the heavens
Stars gleaming in the night
Bringing light to my soul
That I’ve never felt before

Reminding me of honey golden sweet
Many times I have not beheld
Something as wonderful as this
Until I had met you

As I searched For an explaination
Through the hour an minutes of Time
The only answer that came to mind
They were yours the eyes of an angel
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Darryl Holmes
+Gretchen Cline thank you
Aug 13, 2015

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From the minds of the past

they teach the present man

the understanding of his nature

with words of wisdom and knowledge


Euripides Arestotle Plato and Socretes

studied the lives of man in their times

in order to find reasons

on what is on the worlds mind


Philicophcal points of view

on why man do what they do

could that only mean one thing

mans honesty to man is not true


Their view of the world

from their wise and sightfull  eyes

is intesesting when you look at it

because it tells you no lies


They say some are lost to reason

to truth compassion and understanding

because of lusts and greed

many people are lost to understanding


Questions and answers asked

thought and views contemplated

then how life is great

and how we choose to relate


Our points of views are adequate

depending on those in power

is the height of mans success

as many who can be blessed


As time goes on from day-to-day

there are questions still asked

and the answers can be found

in the history of the fourlosiphers